Primitive Grubby Candles are lumpy bumpy, individually crafted candles. Every Grubby Candle is unique in size and appearance. No two Grubbies are alike! Since each candle is triple scented, our candles emit a fragrant aroma that will last the life of the candle. Grubby Candles are tied with homespun and packaged in clear cellophane bags.


Our Primitive Grubby Candles are available in
38 unique scents!

Lg Pillar Candle
Large Pillar Candle

This giant pillar candle  will fill your home with a wonderful aroma for many hours.
Each candle measures 3" x 6".

Sm Pillar Candle
Small Pillar Candle

This lumpy, bumpy candle is a miniature version of our giant pillar candle.
Each candle measures 2" x 3".

$18.00/ea $6.00/ea



These cute Chubby Grubbies are available by the pair.
Each candle measures 2" x 2". 

Large Muffin
Muffin Candle

These yummy muffins look and smell like they are fresh out of the oven!

$6.00/pair $7.00/ea


 Star Pillar Collection
Star Pillar with Fixins'

Our Star Pillar Collection includes 1 Old Fashioned Star Pillar Candle, an 11" Candle Pan, and Primitive Fixins'.

Sugar Cookie Collection
Sugar Cookie with Rosehips

Our Sugar Cookie Collection includes a 3-wick Sugar Cookie Heart Candle, an 11" Candle Pan, and 1-1/2 cups of Sugar Cookie Rosehips.

$25.00 $25.00


 Cinnamon Bun Collection
Cinnamon Bun and Fixins'

Our Cinnamon Bun Collection includes 5 Cinnamon Bun Candles,  an 11" Candle Pan, and 1-1/2 cups of Cinnabun Fixins'. 

Primitive Fixins'
Primitive Fixins'

Each bag contains 1-1/2 cups of Primitive Fixins' - All Natural Potpourri. 

$25.00 $3.50/bag


Our Candle Pans make a lovely addition to any of our Grubby Candles. We have a selection to fit any size Grubby you order.

Candle Pans

Sm Star Pan
4" dia
$ 3.00

Lg Star Pan
1  1/2" deep x 6" dia
$ 6.00

Sm Round Candle Pan
3  1/3" dia
$ 2.50

Lg Round Candle Pan
5  1/2" dia
$ 4.00

9" Candle Pan
$ 6.00

11" Candle Pan
$ 7.50

Chubby Pan
3/4" deep x 3  3/4" dia
$ 3.00


All Natural Potpourri & Potpourri Refresher Oil
are both available in all 38 Grubby scents!

We have more candles here!


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